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Monday, July 9th 2012

12:14 PM

Art preteen topless


Related article: Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 17:00:00 +0000
From: tim tim
Subject: chapter 46 of Coach's AssistantChapter 46 of Coach's AssistantHi guys, well here is a new chapter of Coach's Assistant as promised
reasonable fast so I hope you are ok with that. Not sure I will keep up
this pace of new chapters but we will see.If you want to read more about what I pre teen quinn have been writing so far go to my
website and find the first and second story that I have been writing in the
past preteen top naked or the new story Tom that I am writing together with Coach's Assistant
at the moment.I also tend to have some specials from time to time on my website so now it
is a valentine's special.If you want to let me know what you like about tiny preteen virgins the website, stories or what
ever contact me at: noway16hotmail.com, or on MSN or ICQ. My website can
be found at www.geocities.com/timsfunplace.TimNow on with the story:[with Francis in the hospital]Driving to the hospital didn't take as long as I thought it would.
Everything went quickly after entering the emergency room. My mom had
started to fill in the paperwork and I was transferred to the x-ray area.
It seemed they really wanted to make sure that there was no damage inside
my head. Well, I could have told them there was none as it didn't hurt
that much at all. The only worry that came to me more and more was, where
was Nick? Alexei hadn't seen him, so he must have stayed with Brian and
Andy or Peter and Andrew. Well, I just hoped he'd be here soon as it was
quite lonely down here.I also didn't want him to hear the story of what happened from others,
although I guess that wish was almost out of the question now. But still,
he'd be angry, worried ... A smile appeared on my face; yea, he was a
really good boyfriend, but sometimes he should learn to loosen up a bit. I
know he had wanted to party to celebrate today's victory very much with all
our friends present but ... well, I hope he's not too upset that that has
had to wait.I had the idea that mom found him a nice boy, so I guess that part of my
life was going in a good direction as well. I know we both would need his
help and support to get this situation behind us. If my dad would fight
this, we'd end up in court and I wasn't sure I'd be able to testify. Also,
if that were to happen, it'd all get out in the open and that would mean
coming out at school. Wow! So many things to worry about! Hmm ... I
started to feel sleepy while thinking about what happened. I saw ...[back in Francis and Nick's room]When they all got together with the security agent 30 minutes later in Nick
and Francis's room, they knew that they gotten nowhere. This was starting
to be frustrating. No one had seen Nick after he'd left the press
conference. Well, at least we knew art preteen topless he'd sent Francis's mom upstairs to see
Francis but what had he done after that? The phone rang and everyone
started to look a bit apprehensive. Alexei answered it, then handed it
over to the security officer."One of his colleagues," Alexei whispered in answer to the unasked
question.We all waited to see if there was any news. The possibility that Francis's
dad might have somehow got to Nick started to seem more and more possible."OK, I'll tell them. Just continue to look for him."Hmm, that last sentence didn't offer very much hope that there was positive
news, we thought. We looked at him."Sorry guys, but there's nothing yet. The cops returned my call but it
seems preteen model following that there is already a lawyer present with Francis's dad and he has
advised him to say nothing. They're now in conference, so hopefully
they'll have something to say later on.""A lawyer that fast?" Andy asked. "I never can get one that fast if I need
one."We smiled a bit. "Yea, I think one of his family members preteen fullnude pics a lawyer,
according to what the cops said.""Oh, well. So, now what.""Did you all check out your own rooms as well?" the security guard asked."Yea, we did and we also put a note under the door of Peter and Andrew's
room, asking them to contact us the moment they get back.""Good! Well, I guess all you can do for now is wait. We can't do anything
until we hear from the cops.""You don't want to go and ask guests in the hotel lobby if they've seen any
of the missing guys?""Well, no. It's way too early and that would draw a lot of unwanted
attention. Let's see what the cops have to say. He's only been missing
for an hour or so missing. He might just have walked outside somewhere and
be back any minute."Nobody felt the need to answer that because no one believed that Nick had
just left for a walk. We all felt that there was more to it than that."Sorry, but I can't stay here doing nothing. I'm going to go out and do
another round," Alexei said."OK, guys. I'm not opposed to that but don't make a nuisance of yourselves
to any of the guests, or at least, not yet."We all left again for another 30 minutes of looking around, but we agreed
to met back in the room by then.[in the lounge in the hospital]"Hmmm, I didn't know that taking x-rays would take this long.""No, me neither, but don't worry, he'll be OK.""Thanks, you've been a great help so far ... Robert, correct? art preteen topless It's a bit
difficult to say Nick's dad all the time or coach.""Well, I'm more or less used to it, but you're right, using first names is
a bit easier.""Oh, well, my name is Linda, just in case you need to use it.""Thanks. I think we might get to know each other a lot better, Linda.""It looks like it, Robert, but then again I preteen naturist biz have no regrets about that. In
the few times I'd spoken with Nick before, he showed me he's a remarkably
young man.""You've spoke with him before?""Yes, I've said 'hi' to him a few times, once in the mall and the other
time just before the meet this morning while he was drawing in the park."Oh, Nick's dad thought, that's what he's been doing before the meet! He'd
missed Nick on the floor with the rest of the team during the first round,
but he'd been too busy with the others to go and ask them if they knew
where he was."He can draw very well, you know.""Oh! He even let you see his drawings?" the coach said with a bit more
jealousy in his voice than he'd wanted to express."Well, I more or less looked over his shoulder twice while he was doing it.
You've never seen anything he's done then?""No, not lately. He's kind of secretive about his work.""Hmm, they really are taking a lot of time, aren't they?""Yes ... but that at least will give Nick time to get here. If we go in
without Nick with us, Francis will start worrying for sure."They looked up as someone shouted "Dad" in the hall.David and Brian came walking towards where preteen lingerie modeling they'd been sitting."Hmmm, shit, she is here! Now what?" Brian whispered to Dave as they
opened the door to the lounge."Don't be nervous. It'll be OK. Remember what Alexei told us: they've
talked about it.""Hi, David. You found us.""Yea, it was a bit of work, but we did it.""Is that you, Brian?""Yes, ma'am," he answered a bit sexy preteens pantyhose shyly."Wow! What are you doing here?""Well, preteen top naked
visiting Francis, of course. How is he?""Well, they took him in for x-rays but since then, we've gotten no news,"
the coach said."Oh, well, no news is good news. We'll think positively," Brian answered."I mean, Brian, what are you doing, here in town?" Francis's mother
continued, still surprised to see him."We knew he was here for the championships and we wanted to be there to
encourage him.""Oh, I had no idea you were back in contact with him again.""I know, we more or less bumped into each other some weeks ago and we've
stayed in contact ever since.""Oh, god, we've really made a mess of his life, haven't we?" Francis's
mother wailed as more and more tears started to roll down her cheeks."Don't blame yourself. It'll all work out now," the coach said as he took
her in his arms.She cried for a while and looked up. "I'm sorry, Brian, for everything
that happened.""I know. It wasn't your fault.""Well, otherwise, you might have still been together.""Hmmm, I'm not sure. I think Francis needs a bit less of an adventurer
than me, so I'm not sure we'd have worked out in the end.""Where is Nick, son?""Hmmm, well, let's sit down," David answered."Alexei didn't find him?"Worried looks came on the faces of both the parents."Oh, my god! My husband! He must have run into Nick! Oh, shit, what
And with that she started to cry again.David's dad took her into his arms again exclusive preteens nude but looked up to David to get some
kind of a denial on what Francis's mother just had said.David just set his shoulders and looked at Brian, who said, "Let me call
Andy and see if there's any news. We've been away quite a while."Brian walked to preteen girlsx the other corner of the lounge and got his cell phone out.We watched as he started to talk. It took a while. I presumed that there
wasn't any good news, otherwise he'd have been back soon to tell us they'd
be on their way.As he walked back to us, we all watched him."Sorry, guys, no news yet. They've contacted the police to see if your
husband could confirm that he ran into Nick. It seems they came up with
the same idea as we did but, so far, there's been no answer to that
question.""Damn!" David responded.Everyone remained quiet for a while."Hmmm, what are we going to tell Francis when we're allowed to see him?"
Brian asked. "If he's still the art preteen topless same person as he was, he'll be worried
the instant he sees us arrive without preteen underage forum Nick.""Oh, damn! I didn't think about that," David's dad answered."Well, maybe we should stay here for the time being. You'd better check
out first how he's doing. If he's OK, we won't be able to avoid visiting
him, but otherwise I'd say we can stay here.""Hmmm, that might work. I'm not sure, though, how long we can pull that
off, but we can always try.""Well, first, we have to wait until we see a doctor."With that, everyone went silent again, everyone with his or her own
thoughts about nude youngest preteen Francis and Nick.[in the meantime, in Mike's room, Nick speaks]I'd heard the knock at the door. I wasn't sure who it was ... then there
were whispers in the background and the shower was put on. I still
couldn't move. I'd tried to get loose but that wouldn't work and I could
feel that the thing around my cock was connected with something that was
not that long, ariel preteen model so just moving forward a little ways was too much.I heard the shower stop and then some people came into the room. I had no
idea how many or what was going to happen. I felt my dick twitch a few
times, though. It seemed that my dick had a mind of its own. How was it
possible that art preteen topless I was this horny and had let Mike get to me this easily?Then Mike started to talk again and another, yet not as painful, shock went
through my body. It was more teasing now, not a shock like the one before
... although in the first moment, I anticipated another flash of pain
through my dick and balls. But, oh no, I felt my dick start to get hard
... not a bit, but a lot. Damn! Just the thing that I didn't want to
happen.They couldn't think that I was enjoying this!. Yea, yea, smooth talk,
Make me feel humiliated in front of them. I knew it was working, as my
dick continued to rise.I know that this was part of what I'd been discussing with the Doctor
... how and why did I respond to this so easily? He'd told me that guys in
my age are easily aroused sexually and just a few things have to happen and
we start to feel horny. We'd talked about why these feelings would hit me
when I was embarrassed and humiliated, but we hadn't found an answer for
that. He also said that fighting nude youngest preteen the feelings would sometimes only have
the opposite effect, so when Mike told me to go and suck them, one by one,
I turned around and started to do it.Now you'd think that I was enjoying it ... but I was more or less on
automatic pilot as it came to following my hormones. There was one aspect
of this, though, that kept running through my mind while I was doing it. I
closed off all other thoughts and just let my feelings take over for the
rest. That though was about Francis and his dad. What had happened? I
was scared he would have hurt him but, oh damn! I should have gotten hotel
security instead of running after him. defloration sites preteen Well, I'd better work with Mike.
If I obey, maybe I'll be out of here sooner.He wanted me to go and stand on the chair. The guys' crotches had smelled
and tasted nice, I had to admit that, but now what? My arm was taken and I
was told to go and stand on the chair. I felt one of the guys fumble with
my cock and balls, and something was put around it again. It wasn't as
smooth as the "ring" that I thought Mike had put around it. The ring was
still there but this ..."OK, number 1, pull it tighter," I heard Mike say.Wow! I tried not to shout or cry out as the clink was pulled tighter. I
got the feeling it was some kind of rope, as my balls were trapped together
closely."OK, put a knot on it."Mike's commands were short and they gave me just enough time to realize
what the next step would be, what they were going to do. Hmmm, this was
not nice, as I'd just enough time to get nervous about it. I felt it
tighten even more and then it felt a bit better. I guess, just before the
knot was tied, the rope became a little looser. It would have been
impossible to keep the rope tight, and still tie a knot in it.Then it was silent for a bit. What were they doing? Since I was just
standing there with the blindfold on, I couldn't ell what was happening. I
was lost, just looking into the black cloth, trying to guess what was going
on using every other sense. But that was not easy. I thought at some
point that they where writing something down or so but I was not sure."OK, russia cp preteen Nick, are you ready?""Ready for what?""Nick?""What?" Then I screamed."Hmmm, you deserve a punishment for that, slave."Damn! He wanted me to say two words and call him "sir." I'd forgotten
that because I was concentrating on what was going on."Yes, Sir.""What yes Sir, slave?""Yes, Sir, I'm ready for it."I still had no idea. What preteen fullnude pics was going to happen? I was standing, still with
my underwear on but my balls were hanging outside the sack, free now.[in the meantime, back in Francis and Nick's room]We'd gathered again in Francis and Nick's room, more disappointed with the
lack of results than before. I guess the idea that something was wrong
became more and more pressing in our minds. Even if Nick had been walking
outside, he should have been back by now."Any news?" Alexei asked when he walked into the room, one of the last to
arrive.We'd all split up before to look on our own in the hopes we could search a
larger area at the same time so that Nick wasn't able to escape us."No news from Nick. I talked with Brian on the phone ... he and David
arrived at the hospital and they were wondering if there was any news as
well.""Damn! Did they tell you what they'd tell Francis, Andy?" Alexei asked."No, they didn't, but his mom and the coach hadn't seen Francis either, so
they were still waiting for the doctor to come back and tell them what was
wrong.""Oh, well, more worries then, I guess.""Don't think that, Alexei," injected Kathy. "He was fine when we left
... you told us so. They are just checking him carefully to be on the safe
side.""I guess, Kathy, but still. What can we do? There are only the four of us
[James, Alexei, Andy, and Kathy). We'd need a whole army to go through a
hotel like this.""Oh, no. Nobody is going preteen camp galleries to do that yet, mister," the security guard said
as he walked in."Sorry, I was just expressing myself badly, I guess, but at some point we
have to make preteen girlsx decisions about what to do.""Well, maybe ... but that won't be until newsgroup preteen girl the morning, I guess. I can't go
running around the hotel, doing a full room-to-room search to see where
someone is ... someone who might not even be missing.""Maybe, but we think he is. Did the cops get back to you?""I knew you were going to preteen top naked ask me that, so sexy preteens pantyhose I checked myself and called them
but so far no news.""So you want us just to go and sit and wait down here?""Well, at least one of you should remain here. I thought that two of you
might go and wait in the lobby. You know what he looks like, and what
Peter and Andrew look like as well. And the fourth person, I think, needs
to get some sleep in the meantime and then you art preteen topless
can relieve each other
during the night. At least some of you will get some sleep then."We looked at each other. We all wanted to stay up, but then preteen candid galleries again, the
security officer was speaking some sense."OK, you guys. You do first shift then, and I'll go to bed. One of you,
wake me up in two hours, OK?""OK, Kathy, sounds like a plan."Andy decided to stay up in preteens fucked movies the room so he could contact Brian from time to
time as well. So James and I walked downstairs."You know," he said. "This started to be one creepy evening, Alexei. I'm
not sure I've seen my mom for forum preteens nude
some time now. I know she wanted to check
into a room so do you mind if I go and check at Reception?""No, of course, go ahead."I saw James walk up to Reception. Well, tiny preteen virgins a missing mom would be all we
needed now, I guess.He picked up the phone, I saw, and I waited for him to end the conversation
and come back.My god, what a day! It started out marvelously, although that was not such
a surprise. I had known they'd a good shot, but the way Nick had performed
those last three rotations was incredible. I hadn't had time with him sexy preteens nymphets yet
to discuss it. I knew it had something to do with his concentration but,
then again, he should not have been able to do that at all. Well, maybe I
could learn something from him on this point. I'd need it for the next
championships preteen camp galleries later this fall. But first things first ... first we had to
find him. It was hard to believe that they'd had to go through all these
things in such a short time. I only hoped Nick was OK and, if not, that he
was somehow holding on and not breaking down.
Well so far this chapter more to follow if you want to send in idea's let
me know. If you want to let me know what you like about the website,
stories or what ever contact me at: noway16hotmail.com, or on MSN or
ICQ. My website can be found at www.geocities.com/timsfunplace.
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